Thursday, August 13, 2015

Woman Jackfruit Entrepreneur from Thiruvananthapuram

Mini Udayakumar,  a Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) housewife took training in Jackfruit Value Addition from CARD KVK Pathnamthitta six months ago and has straightaway plunged into production.

She makes Chakka Varatty, JF Mixture, Halwa, Jam, Jelly and few other products – but only jackfruit products. She has to buy fruits from neighbourhood or from Market. On an average, she shells out around 100 to 150 Rs for a firm fleshed (Varikka) jackfruit. Soft-fleshed ones are available damn cheap at Rs 25.

Mini’s hubby Udayakumar helps her. Mini is selling her products throw ‘Swadeshi’ for the time being. The couple have decided to start their own unit & brand very shortly.

                                                                      Phone : 90205  566123

(Courtesy : Shree Padre)


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